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"Being Fit Is More Than What We See On The Outside."

~Anthony Moses, Founder & Visionary

A.M. Total Being Fitness & The Moses Method

The Moses Method™ Has Programs for Every Fitness Level. From the elderly to the competitive athlete, we've got the program for you.

Here's How The Program Works


We Perform Tests to Determine Your Fitness Level

Testing sets the foundation for all we do with The Moses Method. We evaluate results from your Dexa Scan Test, V02Max Test, Resting Metabolic

Rate Test (RMR) along with your vitals and health history to develop a complete picture of your current state of health.

Next, We Develop a Customized and Personalized Program Based on Your Fitness Level

Your fitness level is determined via our Moses Method algorithm backed and supported by nationally recognized health standards. Once your fitness level is determined, we then use your results to build your personalized fitness program.

Ongoing we help you stay on track with online accountability via the Moses Method App.

Receiving your custom nutrition and exercise program is just the beginning. With the Moses Method, you are able to progress as your fitness level improves. You are always working toward your results and getting better and better with each assessment.

For those unable to participate in the full advanced subscription of our Moses Method™ program, we have provided you a standard subscription and access to our groundbreaking, scientific and medically supported app. You can begin the process of remote assessing, programming and tracking, now!


What's Included

(Assessments every 16 Weeks)

Medical Grade Testing

-Health Assessment

-DXA Scan

-Resting Metabolic Rate Test

-V02 Max Test

Custom Programming

-Personal Training Session

-Ongoing Customized Nutritional Programming

-Ongoing Customized Workout Plans


Everything is supported through our
Moses Method™ App!


"Precision Fitness is What The Moses Method Means to Me"

~Dr. Joel Kahn, Preventive Cardiologist

"The Moses Method is revolutionary."

~Tom Spring, Exercise Physiologist

You're NEVER Alone on your Wellness Journey!

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Can You See The Value of This Program?

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